Jun 05, 2020

JCU professional development courses

JCU professional development courses

James Cook University’s Economic Geology Research Center is conducting short courses for mineral exploration professionals and geology postgraduate students aimed at professional development in exploration and applied geochemistry.

It’s being led by Dr Dennis Arne from Telemark Geosciences.

There are three modules presented late in June and July each contributing to seven professional development hours said Dr Arne.

“It consists of three stand-alone modules each presented over two half days.  Participants in Modules 2 and 3 will be provided with a temporary license for ioGAS,” Dr Arne said.

“The short courses involve lectures to introduce concepts but will be interspersed with short practical exercises to reinforce some of the strategies and methods.”

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Module 1        Geochemical Data: Acquisition, Analysis, Quality and Management 30 June/1 July

This module will cover Geochemical sampling strategies;  sample preparation and analytical methods; QA/QC; data management; design, implementation and reporting geochemical data in compliance with current reporting codes. Practical exercises will be conducted using Microsoft ExcelTM.

Module 2           Exploratory Data Analysis using ioGAS – 7 and 8 July

This module will introduce a structured approach to both univariant and multivariant exploratory data analysis of geochemical data in ioGAS.  A key focus of the approach will be the attribution of geochemical data with a variety of metadata for process discovery. No prior use of the ioGAS software is assumed as this course will provide  a solid introduction. Participants will need to download a trial version of ioGAS a few days prior to the start of this module and will be provided with a temporary licence.

Module 3           Integration of Geochemical, Mineralogical and Geological Data using ioGAS – 14 and 15 July

This module builds upon the use of ioGAS to integrate geochemical, mineralogical and geological data.

Participants should either have completed Module 2 of the series or have some experience in use of the software.

Mineralogical data included in the practical sessions includes XRD, hyperspectral  and normative mineralogy. Geological data to be integrated includes information on alteration and lithology from field mapping or core logging.

Dr Arne has nearly 40 years’ experience in geology and applied geochemistry globally having overseen regional geochemical exploration programs in the Yukon, Nunavut and northern Quebec  in Canada, the USA, eastern Australia, Suriname, Sudan and Laos.