Apr 21, 2019

Upgrades boost payload for Liebherr mining trucks

Upgrades boost payload for Liebherr mining trucks Investing in the latest product upgrade for the T 264 mining truck results in a higher payload capacity of 240 tonnes.

The latest round of upgrades to Liebherr’s T 264 mining trucks have increased the payload capacity to 240 tonnes.

This matches the truck for four passes with the Liebherr R 996 B mining excavator or three passes with the Liebherr R 9800.

The manufacturer says a new front wheel design and upgraded braking system offer quicker reaction times to increase safety for operators, particularly when traveling downhill.

The upgraded wheel motors and rear gear ratio boosts torque and acceleration to provide similar cycle times with 10 per cent increased payload. 

The improvements Liebherr has been working on also mean its T 282 C and T 284 models can be retrofitted to a total capacity of 375 tonnes.

The T 264 offers multiple engine options with power ratings up to 2013 kW / 2700 HP.

Tier 4 options to reduce emissions are available for the T 264 and T 284 models.

A new Liebherr Mining Data (LMD) online portal offers real-time insights and data regarding performance and availability of mining trucks.

This OEM solution software allows customers to track KPIs and generate custom reports.

Existing T 284 trucks can be retrofitted for increased payload and production capacity.