Mar 02, 2018

Orica steps up in explosive delivery technology

Orica steps up in explosive delivery technology

Orica has released new explosives delivery system technology for the open-cut mining sector –  the Bulkmaster 7 Mobile Manufacturing Unit.

The company says the Bulkmaster 7 increases productivity and safety on bench, and represents another significant step towards automating drill and blast operations in the future.

“The Bulkmaster 7’s significantly increased payload, load-out rates and bin flexibility is fundamental to improving our customers productivity, offering a clear competitive advantage for our customers, and in turn for us,” Orica Group executive and president, Australia Pacific & Asia, Darryl Cuzzubbo said.

“We are continually advancing our delivery systems in both underground and surface applications, and believe delivery systems form a fundamental building block to providing a superior service to our customers.”

Features include:

• A proprietary bin shape to optimise Ammonium Nitrate flowability, minimise weight, evenly distribute stresses and lower the centre of gravity. Designed to significantly improve reliability, stability, safety, and increase total bulk explosives product holding capacity of up to 20.9t of Fortan™ and 22.5t of Fortis™.

• Specially designed augers and significantly increased power capacity to improve delivery rates and allow for new material metering methods. Allowing for accurate Fortan and Fortis delivery rates of 1100kg/min and 550kg/min respectively.

• State-of-the-art integrated hydraulic, sensor and control system technology. Optimising usability and formulation quality at high speeds.

The Bulkmaster 7 also fully integrates with LOADPlus™, a BlastIQ™ enabled smart control system technology, to deliver products transparently and accurately in accordance with site requirements.

The Bulkmaster 7 will be progressively rolled out in Australia throughout 2018 and 2019.