Resource group ready for another Mackay rally

Mackay’s Resource Industry Network plans to rally the region again next weekend, hot on the heels of another State approvals setback for the Carmichael coal project.

RIN general manager Adrienne Rourke said the local business community wanted to see confidence in the market and the future for the coal sector.

Adani’s commitment to the railway line and the Carmichael project is the first step in getting that confidence and we are disappointed that they seem to be changing the goal posts for them in particular,” she said.

 “We have seen the State Government committing to fast-tracking other projects in the region but there doesn’t seem to be support there for this project that is going to open up the Galilee Basin.”

The planned rally in Mackay CBD next Saturday is part of a campaign under the For the Future of Our Region umbrella, which includes ongoing messaging on social media.

“The campaign is partly about making sure that voters in our region are informed about which candidates support the opening of new thermal and metallurgical coal mines in Australia,” Ms Rourke said.

“It will also ensure the voters are informed of the facts.”

Ms Rourke said the debate around coal was very emotional and there were many well-intentioned but misinformed people out there when it came to the facts on mining methods and impacts, such as water use.

Fundraising for further action

Much of the For the Future of Our Region’s efforts had gone into sharing information to counteract the lies out there, she said.

RIN general manager Adrienne Rourke.

As a small organisation with limited resources, Ms Rourke said RIN was using a crowd-funding platform to draw support to help present the facts about mining, the global future of coal and its contribution to the local economy.

”The other element is to demonstrate to all levels of government that there is a groundswell of support for opening up the Galilee Basin and that people are getting frustrated with the constant delays to this project,” she said.

Ms Rourke said about 300 people had attended a similar rally on April 27, with the majority of participants indicating it was their first time at such a demonstration.

“So many people are engaged in this issue and made the effort to come along to the rally to show their support,” she said

“For some time now we have been standing back saying ‘it will be OK’ and left it to minority groups to put their view.

“It’s not a mines rally or a mining industry rally. It’s a community rally for Mackay, because if the Galilee Basin doesn’t open up, there are questions on what the future of the  Mackay community is and where our work will be in future.”

The rally will be held in the Mackay Regional Council precinct, on the grassed area between ArtSpace and the MECC, from 9.30am on May 11.

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