Land sale boosts Centrex coffers as Ardmore advances

The company behind the Ardmore phosphate rock project in North-West Queensland has completed a $1.4 million land sale

Money from the sale of its ‘non-core’ land holding at Port Spencer, South Australia, would go towards advancing Ardmore, Centrex Metals said.

“We continue to focus on Ardmore and build momentum towards beginning trial mining later this year,” Centrex chief executive officer Simon Slesarewich said.

Late last week Centrex Metals submitted an application to allow the use of Split Creek Dam to capture and store water for the mining project, 128km south of Mount Isa.

70-tonne-per hour modular processing plant is expected to arrive on site this month from the United Kingdom.

Concentrate produced from the start-up phase will go to potential offtake customers.

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