Jun 09, 2020

New exploration tenders to fire up gas growth

New exploration tenders to fire up gas growth

The Queensland Government is opening up a further 1500sq km of gas country for exploration.

Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said five parcels were to be released for tender on June 18 around Moonie and Injune in the resource-rich Surat and Bowen Basins.

“It’s essential that we keep exploration underway to identify the resources projects and jobs of the future as we emerge from COVID-19,” Dr Lynham said.

“Gas explorers have already expressed interest on these parcels of land previously, so it makes sense to open them for tender.”

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show mineral and petroleum exploration investment for the year to the end of March was up more than 15 per cent on the previous year in Queensland.

Next week’s release comes just weeks before exploration tenders close for 12 areas across more than 6700sq km of land in the south and central west.

The 12 areas, open to tender until July 9, lie between Blackwater and Goondiwindi. They include 872sq km that can only supply gas to the Australian market. (Details HERE)

The land for release next week is in central and southern Queensland across the areas pictured below.

Tenders are open until September 3 and should be finalised before the end of the year.