Jun 17, 2020

Australian resources innovation exported

Australian resources innovation exported DUG McCloud Super coputer in Houstaon Texas

A South American geo tech company is expanding its operations on the back of Australian innovation.

Geoprocesados and DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) recently opened a new DUG McCloud-based seismic processing and imaging (P&I) centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Geoprocesados is a service company specialized in subsurface studies and focused on helping clients to achieve success in their exploration and production activities.

Perth-based DUG McCloud has a base in applied physics and develops hardware and software for the resources and technology sectors to leverage large and complex datasets.

Operating as Geoprocesados Serviços Sismicos, this new centre will offer clients a full suite of P&I services, for both onshore and offshore projects, including advanced least-squares imaging tools such as reverse time migration and high-frequency full-waveform inversion. 

Geoprocesados had been operating successfully in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia for more than 20 years, providing advanced seismic P&I services, said Geoprocesados General Manager Javier Rubio.

“Brazil has become the largest oil-producing country in Latin America and we see a great opportunity to expand our operations into this very active market,” Mr Rubio said.

“With the power and leading-edge technology of DUG McCloud behind us, we are confident that we can successfully take on the most complex subsurface imaging projects, of any size, and quickly become a market leader.” 

The DUG McCloud platform enables Geoprocesados to deliver customized solutions using DUG’s high-performance computing as a service (HPCaaS), seismic P&I services and the DUG Insight geoscience software offerings. 

Geoprocesados, in Mexico, was one of the early adopters of DUG McCloud, coming on board in early 2019, said DUG Managing Director Matthew Lamont.

“We are excited to strengthen our ongoing collaboration with the launch of the new centre in Rio de Janeiro.

“We know that DUG McCloud will give them an edge in a new market, enabling them to offer super-fast turnarounds with state-of-the-art technologies.”