May 06, 2019

Cloncurry’s call for more councillors placed on hold

Cloncurry’s call for more councillors placed on hold

The Electoral Commission of Queensland has deferred Cloncurry Shire Council’s request for more councillors to represent he region.

The council conducted a survey in April/May last year on the question, “Do you support increasing councillor numbers from Mayor and four councillors to Mayor and six councillors”.

It said the results highlighted the community’s support for increasing the amount of elected members with 85 per cent voting ‘yes’ and 15 per cent ‘no’.

One respondent commented, “Other shires around the region have 5-6 councillors, why not Cloncurry. An extra two will counteract leave and availability for important decision-making. Difference of opinions and priorities in community needs will have a greater representation”

In a media statement on the issue, the council reported that the Local Government Minister supported one additional councillor position, however the matter had been forwarded to the Change Commission to make the final decision.

“The Change Commission has advised council that due to a heavy workload they do not have the capacity to assess electoral arrangement changes until after the 2020 elections,” it said.