Jul 16, 2019

Beef roads program delivers for Boulia-Dajarra route

Beef roads program delivers for Boulia-Dajarra route

The widening and strengthening of 12km of the Diamantina Developmental Road between Boulia and Dajarra is now complete (pictured below), after being funded under the $100 million Northern Australia Beef Roads Program.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the project would reduce travel times and vehicle maintenance costs for the freight industry by improving the road surface and limiting dust.

“This project has also increased safety by allowing for safer overtaking opportunities for the numerous passenger vehicles, caravans, cattle freight and road trains that use the road,” Mr Bailey said.

“This is about supporting locals, visitors, Queensland’s $5 billion cattle industry and the beef processing sector, which alone supports 18,000 jobs.”

The Diamantina Developmental Road is estimated to carry about 2600 cattle trailers every year.

The Diamantina Developmental Road (Boulia – Dajarra) Rehabilitation and Widening project was jointly funded, with the Australian Government committing $4.03 million and the Queensland Government committing $1 million.

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