Feb 12, 2020

World-beating blast at BMA’s Caval Ridge mine

World-beating blast at BMA’s Caval Ridge mine

Caval Ridge mine in the Bowen Basin has laid claim to a record-breaking blast – shifting 4.7 million cubic metres of overburden. (Footage below)

Carried out in December, it was the world’s largest electronic blast completed using Dyno Nobel DigiShot technology and involved 2194 tonnes of bulk explosives across 3899 holes.

Caval Ridge drill and blast superintendent Dallas Gostelow said the blast was loaded over 14 days, involving engineers, schedulers and the E and F Blast crews at the BMA-owned mine.

It involved a combination of four related blast patterns, using 8144 detonators.

Mr Gostelow said there were significant safety, efficiency and cost improvements to be made using the electronic technology.

“Timings for the detonators are fully programmable and each blast hole is physically connected to the surface by a wire, but the systems is less complicated and fully digitised, which means higher fidelity of tie in to reduce misfire potential,” he said.

It comes after BHP Mitsui Coal’s Poitrel mine claimed the title of world’s largest blast using wireless technology in October, after successfully completing the third blast in a trial series to test Orica WebGen technology.

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