Feb 14, 2020

Work on track to deliver Daintree microgrid

Work on track to deliver Daintree microgrid

Work is ahead of schedule on a feasibility study for a fully-renewable microgrid project for the Daintree community in Far North Queensland.

Federal Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch said the Australian Government last year invested $990,150 towards the work to help Daintree Renewable Energy take the project to ‘shovel ready’ status within 12 months.

The study will deliver a fully costed design for a solar microgrid where excess solar generation will be stored as hydrogen and used to generate electricity when solar resources are not available.

Mr Entsch said work started in December and was due to be finalised in July this year.

“The final report will include a complete series of engineering and technical design packages including a detailed energy load profile study, microgrid management design, solar generation and storage analysis and design, electrical and civil work designs and microgrid economic analysis,” he said.

Volt Advisory Group project manager Richard Schoenemann said work on the project was slightly ahead of schedule.

He said the proposed microgrid would reduce the World Heritage Area’s reliance on four million litres of diesel fuel per year to generate power.

“This project is the first of its kind in the world – a fully renewable baseload-power microgrid,” Mr Schoenemann said.

“It will remove the need to burn dirty and inefficient diesel in the Daintree, allowing customers to have access to a cleaner, more affordable, more reliable source of energy.

“But more importantly, once the concept is demonstrated and up-and-running it will have enormous potential to improve the power supply and lives of people living in remote communities including throughout the Torres Strait.”

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