Mar 08, 2016

Women join mine safety board in state first

Women join mine safety board in state first

Two mining engineers have been appointed to the mining industry’s Board of Examiners.

And for the first time in Queensland, they are women.

State Development and Natural Resources and Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said International Women’s Day was a good time to highlight the credentials of Julie Devine and Bryony Andrew.

“This is an historic first for Queensland but it’s also a vote of confidence in two women who have had impressive careers as mining industry professionals in a male-dominated industry,” Dr Lynham said.

“Women made up less than 15 per cent of the resources sector workforce in 2014 but industry bodies are optimistic about surpassing the 20 per cent mark by 2020.

“Both Ms Devine and Ms Andrew have extensive experience in the mining industry and will make a valuable contribution to the board, which assesses and examines applicants for safety positions and issues certificates of competency.”

The board determines the required qualifications and experience for workers to serve in key safety-critical positions in mines and quarries. All board members must hold a mining certificate of competency and have at least 10 years’ practical mining experience.

Ms Andrew is the manager of the Poitrel coal mine near Moranbah in Central Queensland. She has a background in mining engineering, with significant industry experience as a production manager and development manager.

Ms Devine has been a senior mines inspector with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines since 2009. Before that, she had a two-decade career as a mining engineer, mine manager and mines inspector in Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

With the Board of Examiners meeting again this week, Dr Lynham said the Palaszczuk Government was committed to increasing female representation on government boards and committees.

“Since July 2015, women’s representation on government boards has grown from 31 per cent to 37 percent in January 2016,” he said.

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