Jun 07, 2018

Wind farm cargo arrives in Townsville

Wind farm cargo arrives in Townsville Wind turbine blades, 70m long, being unloaded at Townsville Port. Photo courtesy NSS.

Massive 70m wind turbine blades have arrived in Townsville bound for the $160 million Kennedy Energy Park project at Hughenden.

The shipment of 36 blades and 3500 tonnes of cargo from China will form part of the world’s first hybrid large-scale power plant.

The project combines twelve 200m-high wind turbines, 55,000 solar panels, and 4MW of lithium-ion Tesla battery storage.

The project is being developed by Canberra-based Windlab Limited and Japan’s Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, with Vestas providing the wind turbines and control software and Quanta Solar and Vestas delivering the engineering, procurement and construction of the project.

The Kennedy Energy Park is expected to create about 110 jobs during construction, including contracts with 18 local businesses.

KEP co-owner, Windlab chief executive officer, Roger Price, said the project could export up to 60MW of power into the existing Ergon network, via two new substations at KEP and Cape River near Pentland.

“Stage 2 of the project, 70km north of Hughenden, will potentially inject $2 billion into North Queensland; a vitally important wind resource for the state,” Mr Price said.

Quanta Solar President, Charles Wright, said preparation for the large structures was under way in Hughenden.

“Each turbine requires 600 cubic metres of concrete footing, which is equivalent to around a quarter of an Olympic swimming pool,” Mr Wright said.

“Pours for each footing will take between 8-10 hours to complete,” he said. 



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