Jun 05, 2020

University of Queensland Geoscience institutions merge

University of Queensland Geoscience institutions merge

There’ll be a merger of two key geoscience institutions at the University of Queensland.

The Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) and UQ Holding’s technology transfer company JKTech, are integrating their activities under a single management structure.

The move would consolidate and strengthen both organisations said Managing Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute Professor Neville Plint.

“It will ensure clients are receiving the benefits of innovative research, expertise in technology-based consulting, laboratory services, software, specialist equipment, and professional development,” said Professor Plint.

Professor Plint also takes over as as JKTEch’s Managing Director.

He will be supported by Professor Rick Valenta (Acting Director, JKMRC), Paul Napier (Chief Financial Officer, JKTech), Bevin Wong (Operations Manager, JKTech), and Associate Professor Marcin Ziemski who is taking on the role of commercial lead working across JKTech and JKMRC.

JKMRC was established in 1970 and JKTech was set up in 1986 as its commercial division.

In 2000 JKMRC became part of UQ’s newly established Sustainable Minerals Institute and JKTech became an incorporated company the following year.

“While the teams of both organisations have worked closely over the years, this announcement sees a return to a unified management at the same time preserving JKTech’s corporate and technical identity,” said Professor Plint.

They looked forward to working to find solutions to the challenges facing the resources industry, he said.