Jan 18, 2019

Truckloads of cargo at Port of Townsville

Truckloads of cargo at Port of Townsville

The cargo ship Heino is due to leave Townsville this evening after being loaded with 21 830E Komatsu dump trucks.

Port of Townsville said most of the 180-tonne trucks had been purchased from Century Mine, 250km north-west of Mount Isa, and they were transported by Australia Project Solutions.

They were broken down for road transport.

Northern Stevedoring Services carried out the stevedoring and Accord Logistics acted as freight forwarder, arranging the shipment to Mumbai in India.

Port of Townsville marine operations manager Mark Jenkins said the material loaded had weighed about 4100 tonnes and was the equivalent of about 14,000 cubic metres.

The Berth 4 job had involved 44 heavy lifts of 50 tonnes or more using a mobile harbour crane, he said.

Townsville handled about two such shipments of outbound second-hand heavy equipment annually, he said

NSS operations manager Jeff Weightman said the load consisted of 27 containers and 285 individual pieces, including chassis, trays and spare parts.

“There were heavy lifts – 50-55-tonne lifts,” he said.

“While we have done bigger ones before, these were still significant and required preplanning and lift risk assessments because of the weight and dimensions.”

Mr Weightman said it was not unusual for NSS to deal with imports and exports of heavy earthmoving equipment through its Townsville, Mackay and Gladstone services.

Stevedoring operations for the Heino commenced on Monday and ran continuously through to Thursday.

The second-hand trucks were acquired by Thriveni Earthmoving and will be rebuilt and used in India. 

The Heino is due to depart the Townsville port this evening (6.30pm).

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