Dec 18, 2019

Trompf takes on extra title in Advance Cairns leadership

Trompf takes on extra title in Advance Cairns leadership Trent Twomey congratulates incoming Advance Cairns executive chairman Nick Trompf on his appointment.

Advance Cairns has stayed close to home in its appointment of a new chair to replace Trent Twomey, who will step down in February 2020.

Current chief executive officer Nick Trompf is to be appointed as executive chairman, a combined role of both chief executive and chairman.

Mr Trompf joined Advance Cairns as CEO two years ago, having previously served on the Board for six years, in 2009-2012 and again in 2013-2016.

“The need for advocacy and economic development groups such as Advance Cairns working with other key stakeholders to drive economic growth in the region has never been greater,” he said.

“The Queensland Budget next April and election in October are vital in ensuring increased State investment in our region. To that end Advance Cairns is partnering with the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Tropical North Queensland to accelerate the region’s advocacy. “

Mr Twomey stands down as chairman after serving two three-year terms – the maximum permitted under the Advance Cairns constitution.

The organisation has highlighted advocacy achievements during his tenure including:

• The largest business delegation from the region, the Cairns TNQ Convoy to Canberra

• $120m to seal the Hann Highway

• $176m to refurbish and expand the Cairns Convention Centre

• $127m for the Cairns Shipping Development Project

• $359m pledged to upgrade the Captain Cook Highway between the CBD and Smithfield as a key leg of a ‘ring road’ in Cairns

• $60m promised towards the Cairns Tropical Enterprise Centre as a key step towards establishing Cairns University Hospital

• $50m towards sealing the remaining gravel sections of the Gulf Savannah Way

• $40m for the Mossman Mill Daintree Precinct

• $24m for Cairns slipways upgrades

• $20m Cairns Innovation Centre

• $10m for a detailed business case into Nullinga Dam

• Payroll tax relief for regional businesses in Queensland

• The passage of legislation in the Federal Parliament (this month) to remove onerous GST requirements on foreign-owned superyachts chartering in Australia

Mr Twomey said the superyacht win underlined the importance of organisations such as Advance Cairns.

“We started advocating for legislative change way back in 2011 – five Prime Ministers and three Premiers later the industry finally gets a win which will create thousands of jobs in Cairns in the next few years,” Mr Twomey said.

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