Aug 13, 2020

Townsville takes a 3D view for development

Townsville takes a 3D view for development

Townsville City Council has created three-dimensional maps of the CBD, Strand, South Townsville and West End in a move expected to make the development application process easier.

The 3D modelling was carried out after the council secured $77,000 through the Queensland Government’s Innovation and Improvement Fund.

Mayor Jenny Hill said it would assist with decision-making around future development proposals by visualising how they would impact the city.

“Esri Australia have completed these models on behalf of council and have been working with other cities throughout Australia and internationally,” she said.

“What we’re really looking for is a way to get the best planning outcomes for the city and to ensure every application that comes to council is assessed quickly.

“This technology will also help us meet our planning scheme requirements and to efficiently address any potential impacts of a proposed development.”

Planning and Development Committee chairperson Les Walker said there were plans to create 3D models of the entire city.

“We have started by creating a model of the areas where there are a high number of applications coming through for new developments, and the hope is to expand this to the rest of the city,” Cr Walker said.

“We expect these models to assist in all aspects of the development application process, including modelling for natural disasters and allowing residents to see visual representations during the public notification process.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how these models improve the planning process and to see how we can continue to use this technology across council.”