Apr 08, 2020

MATES rise to tough times

MATES rise to tough times

MATES In Construction has launched an information campaign to support Queensland workers facing mental health issues related to the COVID-19 crisis.

MATES Queensland chief executive officer Jorgen Gullestrup said the industry-based suicide prevention charity had received an increase in demand for its support services in recent weeks.

“We want all construction workers to know that during these highly worrying times that there is help available and we are here for them,” Mr Gullestrup said.

“A construction worker is six times more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work.

“Today we are launching a series of billboards across Queensland urging construction workers to look out for one another and that social distancing does not mean social isolation.”

Under the slogan ‘MATES – stronger together in tough times’ the charity calls on construction workers to ‘Look out for your MATES’ and reminds the industry that ‘Social Distancing does not mean Social Isolation’.

“While the industry is working, we have a network of Connectors and ASIST workers on sites, specially trained to spot a co-worker having difficulties and offering help,” Mr Gullestrup said.

“This campaign is aimed at encouraging workers to maintain this contact and support offering outside work as well – particularly for those who may have to leave work during this crisis.

“We know from experience that men find it difficult to ask for help and MATES In Construction is all about helping those who need it.” 

The campaign is supported by the Building Employees Redundancy Trust, Construction Skills Queensland and the Queensland Office of Industrial Relations.  

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