Jan 22, 2019

Time to stand up for coal says AMMA

Time to stand up for coal says AMMA

Australian resources and energy group AMMA has called on the Queensland Government to stand up for the state’s coal industry, and not ‘kow-tow to disruptive activist groups hell-bent on stopping new projects’.

The AMMA (Australian Mines and Metals Association) made the call amid news reports about National Threatened Species Recovery Hub director Brendan Wintle being engaged to lead a review into Carmichael coal project proponent Adani’s black-throated finch management plan for the site.

“Queenslanders deserve a state government which supports its major job-creating industries, not one more interested in appeasing minority activist views and chasing inner city votes at the expense of the regions,” AMMA acting chief executive Tara Diamond said.

“AMMA is very concerned at this latest development which appears to undermine typical government processes by outsourcing its environmental review responsibilities to an anti-coal activist group.

“Adani has repeatedly demonstrated strong compliance with all its environmental management requirements.

AMMA acting chief executive Tara Diamond .

“Not only has it cleared hundreds of regulatory hurdles, it has also contended with vexatious ‘lawfare’ from a number of disruptive anti-industry groups, which it has an 11-0 record defending.

“Queensland and major coal employers, like Adani, need certainty and stability.

“This most recent appeasement of minority anti-industry voices sets a disturbing precedent and will be rightly viewed as another unnecessary obstacle for the investment and business community.”

Ms Diamond said projects such as Adani’s must be better recognised for the jobs and prosperity they would bring to the state, including long-term royalty generation that funds schools, hospitals and roads.

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