Oct 24, 2019

Three cultures and a mine

Three cultures and a mine l-r Gudjala elder Val Alberts, Pajingo Acting General Manager Tony Sherman, Minjar Gold CEO, Michael Ji, and Charters Towers City Councillor Graham Lohmann.

Chinese investment is being met with open arms in North Queensland.

Pajingo recently held its official opening of the Lynne Decline which gives the operation a second life. The mine located south of Charters Towers has so far given up 2.7 million ounces of gold over its 30 year plus mine life.

Chinese company Minjar Gold bought the operation from Evolution Mining in 2016. 

Charters Towers City Council was represented by Cr Graham Lohmann who said the presence of the Chinese Consul General Dr Xu jie, showed the importance the Chinese placed on the project.

Cr Lohmann told the audience mining had been an essential part of the Charters Towers economy for more than 130 years and he expressed his thanks to Minjar on its commitment to the Pajingo operation.

Mining was common ground among the three cultures said Cr Lohmann.

“… the Chinese owners of this facility, and their associates, are to be congratulated for that willingness and desire to develop a relationship with both the broader Australian public and traditional owners,” he said.

“Yes, there are obvious reasons to do it, business reasons to do it, but I think it goes much further than that. 

“This is a genuine desire to understand our culture and the way we do business … They have a genuine desire, I believe, to do business with Australia which is great for our communities and for Charters Towers.

“The longevity of Minjar is a big step into ensuring our longevity as a community because of the investment that they put into, not only here, but into the town and the community.”