Nov 22, 2018

Technologist fined for being unregistered

Technologist fined for being unregistered A technologist pleaded guilty to carrying out engineering services in North Queensland while unregistered.

A technologist has been prosecuted for carrying out professional engineering services in Queensland while unregistered.

Queensland’s Professional Engineers Act requires that any person providing a professional engineering service in Queensland, or for Queensland, is registered as, or directly supervised by, a registered professional engineer of Queensland.

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland brought two charges against the offender under section 115(1) of the Professional Engineers Act.

The offender was not and had never been a registered engineer.

The court heard that the offender carried out professional engineering services while unregistered at a project in North Queensland.

The offences were brought to BPEQ’s attention after the building company which received the compliance certificate for the project checked the technologist’s registered status.

BPEQ acknowledged that there were no failures or safety concerns associated with the professional engineering services carried out by the offender.

However, it said there was a clear public interest in ensuring that the requirement to be registered and the standards required to become registered were enforced to guard against potential risks to public safety.

The offender entered a plea of guilty to both charges and was fined $5000 for both offences and ordered to pay $6000 in legal costs.

To obtain registration, engineers must obtain a four-year undergraduate engineering degree and meet competency requirements.


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