Apr 01, 2020

Team shifts track to race to save lives

Team shifts track to race to save lives

Queensland-based Triple Eight Race Engineering has turned its attention from the track to tackling the COVID-19 crisis by developing a low-cost ventilator.

Triple Eight suspended its usual operation following the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix and has been focused on designing and building a working prototype.

“One week we’re at the race track trying to go fast and the next thing the world is screaming out for ventilators,” race team manager Mark Dutton said.

“So stop in your tracks, full 180 and do something completely different.”

Triple Eight Race Engineering team principal Roland Dane said the prototype was the result of a dedicated engineering team and input from medical professionals, local intensive care unit experts, as well as the Department of State Development.

“We were able to utilise in-house 3D printing services provided by our team partner HP and we believe the ventilator could be put into production within a short space of time but we are now continuing development with the help of the Department to improve our unit further,” he said.

“The Department of State Development have helped us identify and build supply chains for required componentry and ventilator accessories such as alarm circuitry, tubing and masks

“This is very early days, and we have to make sure all regulatory requirements are met, but we stand ready to help in whatever way we can.

“I’m so proud of the innovation and agility of my team, and what we can do when we put our minds to it.”

  • Watch the film to see how they did it and how it works: