Feb 27, 2018

Supply opportunities in Shoalwater Bay upgrades

Supply opportunities in Shoalwater Bay upgrades

The prime contractor is expected to be announced in the second half of 2018 for an $800 million-$1 billion upgrade to military training facilities at Shoalwater Bay in central Queensland.

It is part of the $2.25 billion investment planned into central and north Queensland under the Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative.

Capricorn Enterprise economic development manager Neil Lethlean said the group was hoping to see regional suppliers benefit from an increased focus on local participation in associated Defence works.

The new requirements had been reflected in the extensive list of Tier 1 contractors who had been liaising with Capricorn Enterprise over the past 12 months about engaging with local industry, he said.

“There is a new emphasis from both the ADF plus the political side of defence, particularly through Minister Marise Payne, for greater local participation,” Mr Lethlean said.

In addition to the spin-offs from construction work, he said the upgrade should bring ongoing economic and social benefits.

“With improved facilities, with new communication, with advanced technologies to bring these training facilities up to global standards, I would imagine we will all benefit extensively from, initially, the construction and then the increased presence of military personnel,”

Meanwhile the successful prime contractor is expected to be announced in March/April for a $135 million remediation project planned over two years at the training grounds.

“I’m waiting on advice from the ADF to confirm the appointment of a Managing Contractor for the remediation project. This in turn will lead to an indication of  work packages associated with the project,  likely to result in an extensive list of civil works – upgrading roads, culverts, drainage – as well as remediation of fencing, building upgrades, environmental work, upgrading the two airfields, amphibious landing facilities, etc,” Mr Lethlean said.

“We’re anticipating broad-ranging work packages across the estate.”

A range of Defence project briefings is coming up in Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton in March.

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