Apr 27, 2019

Stop Adani Convoy ready to hit Clermont

Stop Adani Convoy ready to hit Clermont Karla McPhail, Kel Appleton (who are representatives of the Protest against the Protestors Group), Clermont-based Isaac Regional Councillor Lyn Jones, Isaac Mayor Anne Baker, Inspector Steve Nichols, Sgt Michael Rodda, Jenny Weber and Jasmine Wills (representatives from Bob Brown Foundation’s Stop Adani Convoy) and Isaac Regional Council CEO Gary Stevenson in Clermont on Friday afternoon.

The Stop Adani Convoy’s visit to the coalfields town of Clermont represents a stand for ‘the secure future for Australian children’, says environmental activist Bob Brown.

As it prepares for the visit today, the group says right-wing activist politicians are descending on Clermont this weekend to represent the Australian minority support for Gautam Adani’s coal mine.

“The big question for these scrambling pollies, will you use your God-given intelligence to stop global heating, the dying of the Great Barrier Reef, the loss of the Murray-Darling food basin and a worsening climate emergency due to the burning of fossil fuels?” Mr Brown said.

“Adani is the litmus test for Australia.”  

Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager Jenny Weber was part of a roundtable meeting in Clermont yesterday hoped to help keep the peace between the anti-Adani protesters and rival pro-mining groups.

Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker said the roundtable had an agreeable outcome of mutual respect as expectations of the peaceful assemblies were discussed.

“We shared logistics for the weekend to minimise impacts for our Clermont community,” Mayor Baker said.

“Collaborators of the Stop Adani Convoy and the Protest the Protesters rally have come to an understanding that, while they stand on opposite sides of an opinion, it is possible to convene in democratic protest that is lawful and respectful.

“As a council, I again want to make clear that we are fundamentally opposed to the objectives of the Stop Adani Convoy, but we acknowledge the need for reducing the impact of their presence in our community.”

Cr Baker said bringing together representatives from all key stakeholders – the protest groups, Clermont Hospital and police – was a great opportunity to hear their assurances of peaceful demonstration.

“I would now like to call upon everybody who will be in Clermont over the weekend, whether they are part of the Stop Adani Convoy or in protest of the convoy, to go about their demonstrations in the same manner,” she said.

Ms Weber said she had been pleased to gain an assurance from all that there would be no inciting of violence or violence while the convoy is peacefully in Clermont over the weekend.

The convoy of 250 cars is expected to move through Mackay to Clermont today and then south on Monday towards a Vote Climate rally to be held in Canberra on May 5.

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