Apr 30, 2020

Shutdown calendar to give Gladstone suppliers an edge

Shutdown calendar to give Gladstone suppliers an edge Key Gladstone industry groups have launched a shutdown calendar which can be accessed online.

Gladstone industry leaders have launched a shutdown calendar to help supply chain businesses with planning.

The Gladstone Industry Leadership Group and Gladstone Engineering Alliance initiative outlines planned maintenance outages over a 12-18-month period.

It covers operations including Gladstone Ports Corporation, Rio Tinto Yarwun, Queensland Alumina Limited, Boyne Smelters Limited, Orica Yarwun, Cement Australia Yarwun, Gladstone Power Station, and the local LNG export facilities.

GEA general manager Chantale Lane said her team was thrilled to be able to work collaboratively with GILG to see the calendar up and running again.

“A current shutdown calendar is something our members have been asking for quite a while, so we’re excited to announce this new partnership with GILG,” she said.

“GEA has developed a new calendar, which will feature on our website, and moving forward we will act as a caretaker for GILG, ensuring the calendar remains as accurate as possible.”

Ms Lane said the shutdown calendar was an invaluable resource for GEA members as it provided them with information on potential future resourcing requirements.

GILG acting chief executive officer Nigel Warrington said that organisation was invested in ensuring the long-term survival of industry and Gladstone, and was therefore committed to utilising local content first where possible.

  • The GILG Shutdown Calendar can be viewed HERE

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