Feb 21, 2020

Shiploader removal paves way for new works

Shiploader removal paves way for new works

Auckland Point at Port of Gladstone is entering a new chapter after the decommissioning of shiploaders at Berth 1.

Xtreme Engineering carried out the work on the two machines, designed in the mid 1960s, to make way for redevelopment.

Gladstone Ports Corporation acting chief executive officer Craig Walker said coal, woodchip and calcite were all significant commodities loaded through Berth 1 throughout the years.

“Coal was originally loaded through Auckland Point prior to RG Tanna Coal Terminal coming online in April of 1980,” Mr Walker said.

“Since coal transitioned from Auckland Point the key export products have been woodchip and calcite.

“These products are now shipped from our Barney Point Terminal to make way for East Shores Stage 1B.

“The old calcite stockpiles are where our new Cruise Terminal will sit, with existing infrastructure a key design feature as we are so proud of our rich history.”

Within the 2019/20 financial year, a total of $630,000 has been budgeted for electrical upgrades at Auckland Point Berth 1, expected to be completed by June 2020.

This parcel of work is complimentary to a number of improvement projects intended to enhance and support the growing tourism industry in Gladstone.

In the coming years further works to the berth, including wharf strengthening and fendering improvements have been identified to allow for increased numbers of cruise ships visiting the Port of Gladstone.

Gladstone Ports Corporation said Auckland Point Terminal would continue to be used for its import and export capabilities, with commodities such as dry bulk, bulk liquids and other general cargo.

Watch time lapse footage of the decommissioning works here: https://www.facebook.com/GladstonePortsCorporation/videos/536628033874829/

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