Sep 20, 2019

Sandvik launches new three-boom jumbo

Sandvik launches new three-boom jumbo

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has launched a new tunneling jumbo, the DT1132i.

The Sandvik DT1132i is a three-boom, electro-hydraulic jumbo that has been purpose-designed for fast and accurate drilling in tunneling and cavern excavation.

The computer-controlled rig possesses operator-controlled boom positioning and full-face automatic drilling functions.

As well as incorporating some of Sandvik’s latest developments in digital solutions, the new rig uses Sandvik’s new high frequency RD535 rock drill, robust booms and advanced drill string guides, making it a complete and new high-speed drilling solution.

Among the new features on the rig is a 3m telescopic TB160i boom, optimized with a front wrist structure that provides 1m additional side coverage as standard and 4m side coverage with telescopic adjustment.

Sandvik says an ergonomic vibration-dampened cabin has been designed for the new rig and comprehensive diagnostics information is integrated into one display.