Mar 25, 2020

Russell Mineral Equipment sheds staff

Russell Mineral Equipment sheds staff

Mill relining specialist Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) has stood down some staff and retrenched others as COVID-19 measures take their toll.

The business said it had closely followed advice from government and medical authorities in the jurisdictions in which it operated since December in relation to COVID-19.

However, as a result of the continued spread of the virus, and the consequential announcements and directions from government, RME said it was activating the next phase of its contingency plans.

This included a reduction in employment costs by standing down some staff as required, and including a small number of retrenchments.

“From the beginning, RME’s response to the novel coronavirus has been centred on reducing the spread and impact of the virus,” managing director John Russell said.

“As the virus has continued to spread, we have also acted quickly to implement a range of initiatives to maintain our customers’ business continuity, in addition to our employees’ jobs, and the value of our company for the future.

“As you would imagine, these are not easy decisions, and we take these decisions with the best interests’ of our people and customers in mind.

“Our single focus – across the entire company – must be continuing to deliver exceptional customer outcomes to secure our company’s future, while positioning us to grow and thrive when we transition from COVID-19.”

The company is based in Toowoomba, with service centres in Perth, the USA, South America and Africa.

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