Aug 12, 2019

Rockhampton ticks off $43m civil works list

Rockhampton ticks off $43m civil works list

The civil ops team at Rockhampton Regional Council has clocked up a ‘huge’ year, with $43 million in work completed, the council says.

Infrastructure committee chair Tony Williams said the volume of work delivered was a credit to the team, and the local contractors who had worked alongside them.

“The budget over the 2017/18 financial year was $28 million, which gives some idea of how big the 2018/19 year was in comparison,” he said.

“Much of the additional work undertaken included works to repair damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Debbie – including Pilbeam Drive remediation, the restoration of urban and rural roads, the reconstruction of a section of Quay St, and the first stage of reconstruction works on Alexandra St.  

“We also commenced several major stormwater upgrades, including projects at Webber Park and Wackford St, which will improve our stormwater network and help mitigate the impact of future flood events.”

The civil operations team had also delivered a range of essential projects, including the annual reseal, road grading, and footpath reconstruction programs.

“For many of these projects we worked with great local and Queensland-based contractors, such as JRT and Goldings,” Cr Williams.

“Through these works, council not only delivered critical infrastructure projects for our residents, but also supported local jobs. “

Rockhampton Regional Council infrastructure committee chair Tony Williams.

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