Oct 29, 2019

Rexx mining solution ready to hit the east coast

Rexx mining solution ready to hit the east coast

Mining services company Bis plans to produce a second Rexx haul truck for the east coast after putting the first model through its paces in Western Australia.

The dual powered 20-wheel dump truck is 14.3m long, with a 9m long bin capable of carrying a 160-tonne payload.

Bis chief executive officer Brad Rogers said the standout performance to date of the first Rexx unit at nickel and gold operations, as well as supportive feedback from customers, had encouraged the company to commit to construct Rexx Two.

The first Rexx is proving its versatility, having been recently put to work in at the Ewington coal mine in WA’s Collie Basin.

The Rexx has been designed with multiple steering and driving axles which can handle gradients of 15 per cent when fully loaded.

Bis says the multi-axle and 20-tyre design delivers an increased surface area and reduced ground pressure, enabling Rexx to work efficiently in all terrains.

With a 4.8m width and a fully loaded weight of 230 tonnes, Rexx can operate on narrower, lower specification roads.

It has also been designed to accommodate a range of interchangeable bins to suit different commodities, as well as loading tools and tipping situations.

Mr Rogers said the second Rexx haul truck would be deployed in early 2020 as part of the Bis fleet servicing a customer on the east coast of Australia.

“We have been absolutely rapt with the performance of Rexx. It continues to tick the boxes that it was specifically designed for including range, fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability and conquering gradients,” he said.

“We look forward to our second Rexx truck starting work on the east coast in the near future.

“We are very proud that the initial design has proven to be on the money. We are also finalising several Rexx opportunities for miners in Australia and Indonesia, which will start to fill the manufacturing pipeline.”

The development of Rexx helped Bis secure a spot in the 2019 Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list.