Feb 15, 2019

Review complicates Adani mine plans

Review complicates Adani mine plans Part of the area cleared for what Adani intends to be its Carmichael coal mine.

Adani has written to the State Government expressing its concern after a review the Government commissioned found the company’s plan to protect an endangered bird found near its proposed Carmichael mine site was inadequate.

The review, carried out by University of Melbourne conservation ecologist Brendan Wintle, suggested that Adani’s plan did not go far enough in protecting the black-throated finch’s habitat.

The Australian newspaper reported today that Professor Wintle’s draft report “recommended the (mine) face a tough new monitoring scheme that would shut down mining if the finch population reduced over the project’s first five years”.

Adani said today it rejected the findings of the draft report.

“As we anticipated, (it) reads like an anti-coal, anti-mining, anti-Adani lobbying brochure,” an Adani spokesperson said.

“The report even references the work of anti-Adani campaigners … who (have) been actively campaigning against the Carmichael project for years.

“This draft report contains false and inaccurate statements about the management plan, includes sections that directly contradict advice from the Queensland Government itself, and even contains unverified opinions
regarding climate change and other projects in the Galilee Basin which are completely outside the scope of the black-throated finch management plan.

“The point of a management plan is to demonstrate how a business will meet the conditions of its environmental authority (and) this draft report has strayed so far beyond this requirement that the report is of no value.”

Adani said it had written to the State Government today to outline its concern at the draft report and review process in general.

“If the Queensland Government accepts any part of this report, it means their own Department of Environment’s work over the past 18 months is at best, incompetent, and, at worst, using purposeful delay tactics to slow down the delivery of the Carmichael project and the thousands of jobs it will provide in the process,” Adani said.

“We have written to the Department of Environment and Science today to once again express our serious concerns regarding this review process and the draft report attached to it.

“We are now waiting to hear from the Department of Environment and Science as to their own feedback on the report.

“We are still waiting on advice from the Queensland Government on timing to finalise this plan (but it) keeps shifting the goalposts for Adani.

“Adani needs clarity on timing and process from the Queensland Government so it can get on with delivering thousands of jobs for regional
Queenslanders who desperately need them.”

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