Sep 30, 2019

Recycling plant upgrade pioneers precast technique

Recycling plant upgrade pioneers precast technique

An upgrade project at the Mirani Water Recycling Facility (MWRF) is acting as a test case for the local use of semi precast concrete panels, Mackay Regional Council says.

Contractors UGL began work on the $14 million project in June and the upgrades are expected to be operational by mid-2020.

Cr Martin Bella said UGL was introducing innovative technologies on site, using semi precast panels to form the treatment tanks.

“This technology has been in use in the United Kingdom for about 20 years, and the Mirani site will be a test case for the use of the panels in Australia,” he said.

“The Mackay region is leading the way, and with the successful delivery of this project it is intended that this technology will be taken up by the water industry across the country for future projects.”

The panels, which are 5.4m high, 2.5m wide and 375mm thick, are fabricated off site in controlled environments.

They will make up 20 per cent of all concrete used in the project. The remaining concrete content of the project is being sourced by local companies, the council says.

The MWRF’s capacity will be upgraded from 3500 Equivalent People (EP) to 7000 EP, with the possibility to extend to 10,000 EP when required.

Cr Bella said the upgraded facility would provide a higher level of recycled water for unrestricted irrigation of golf courses and cane farms that comply with the Recycled Water Guidelines.

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