Mar 13, 2018

Rail remains cut past Cloncurry

Rail remains cut past Cloncurry

The Mount Isa rail line reopened to passenger and freight services between Townsville and Cloncurry on Sunday evening after flood waters receded, giving crews access to complete repair works.

However Queensland Rail chief executive officer Nick Easy said west of Cloncurry into Flynn Junction remains closed, with recovery efforts likely to take several more days as crews remained unable to safely access the section of the line for repair works due to water over both rail and roads

“In total, four sections of the line were damaged due to the severe weather, including the Duck Creek rail bridge, south-west of Cloncurry, which sustained significant damage, with portions of the bridge’s support washed away and in need of replacement,” Mr Easy said.

“Queensland Rail continues to actively monitor the situation, and as soon as it is safe to do so, will deploy crews to conduct further inspection and repair works.”

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