Sep 15, 2020

Quarry steps up to meet FNQ road contract

Quarry steps up to meet FNQ road contract

Speciality Metals International has started delivering the first 20,000 tonnes of quarry products to Bama Civil to fill a $4 million order for use on the Peninsula Development Rd in Far North Queensland.

The company said it had stepped up modernisation of the quarry at its Mount Carbine site to align with the requirements of the Bama contract.

This included expanding the crushing capacity to increase overall production outputs.

“It is great to see the delivery of the Bama products get underway,” Speciality Metals chief executive officer Kevin MacNeill said.

“We had been producing the initial products in anticipation of the contract delivery dates, so we are well placed and on target.

“Having produced ahead of time, it gives us the flexibility to continue filling other contracts as they come in. “

Additional deliveries for Bama will take place over the remainder of the year. 

Speciality Metals said a further alignment of its ore sorting operations with the quarry production would it to cut production costs and improve profitability, while reducing the environmental footprint at its Mt Carbine site.