May 20, 2019

QRC demands State commitments on mining

QRC demands State commitments on mining

The Queensland Resources Council has thrown down the gauntlet to the Palaszczuk Government, seeking a firm backing for the mining sector.

The State Government must immediately reaffirm its support for the resource industry and resource jobs, with a commitment for long-term royalty stability and a fair go for all projects, QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane said.
Mr Macfarlane said the message was clear after Queenslanders across resource communities voted so overwhelmingly for the Federal Coalition Government’s pro-mining and pro-jobs agenda and record.
“For the past 18 months, there have been too many mixed messages from the Palaszczuk Government when it comes to resources jobs,” Mr Macfarlane said. 

“The goal posts have been moved for projects like the Adani mine, and the government has yet to rule out new royalty taxes on all coal mines, which would risk future projects and future jobs.
“Queenslanders don’t want a bet each way.  They want a future that includes resources jobs and the resources investment that is so important to regional Queensland.”
Mr Macfarlane said Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the LNP, particularly through Resources Minister Matt Canavan, had been unequivocal in their support for the resources industry and Queenslanders responded to that.
“The QRC will be seeking to meet as soon as possible with the Premier to discuss the long-term future of the resources sector,” he said.
Mr Macfarlane said the QRC would continue to seek commitments from the Palaszczuk Government on:

  • no changes to the rates of royalties on all resource commodities, including coal, to ensure future investment in proposed resource projects and jobs were not put at risk;
  • assessment and approval processes of all projects based on science, free from political interference, and overseen by the Office of the Coordinator-General;
  • confirmation the government will oppose, as the Parliamentary Committee recommended, the Greens’ legislation prohibiting mining in the Galilee Basin in central Queensland;
  • and genuine consultation with the QRC on any changes on policies or programs that will have material impact on the industry.

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