Apr 11, 2019

Promising results as battery plant study continues

Promising results as battery plant study continues

Magnis Energy Technologies has provided an update on the feasibility study for a 15 GWh lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility in Townsville.

The project is expected to create 750 jobs in high technology manufacturing.

Ausenco is overseeing process development for the proposed plant and the GHD office in Townsville is overseeing site development and building design.

Initial findings support the rapid development of the business case and technical solution for this project, Magnis says.

Magnis has a one third ownership in project proponent Imperium3 Townsville (iM3).

In a statement today it said the study to date was confirming the suitability of Townsville in large-scale manufacturing because of factors including market proximity to rapidly growing Asian economies and the logistical benefits of easy access to Townsville Port and local availability of battery materials and precursors.

It said Imperium3 Townsville was investigating and identifying future participation of local businesses in the construction and operating phases of the project.

iM3’s scoping study established local content opportunities to be in the order of $300 million across a range of items including labour, power, fuel, security and logistics;

It said there were downstream co-location opportunities representing an additional potential economic gain to the local economy in the order of $US750 million to $US1.5 billion annually.

Imperium3 chairman Dr Shailesh Upreti said the group would like to thank the Queensland State Government and Townsville City Council for the continuous support provided towards the project locallt.

“In recent times we have been approached by members from both major parties federally and prominent business leaders in our community who are interested in assisting and being involved in the project, which is very encouraging,” he said.