May 20, 2019

Premier not listening, says Adani Mining boss

Premier not listening, says Adani Mining boss

An Adani Mining boss has accused the Queensand Premier and Deputy Premier of failing to listen to the community concerns highlighted by the weekend election result.

Chief executive Lucas Dow said the company had been overwhelmed by the wave of support from Queenslanders over the past months.

“If the Queensland Labor Premier and Deputy Premier take nothing else from this weekend, let’s hope they realise it is time to start listening to the people of Queensland and in particular people in regional Queensland,” he said.

“Even after the weekend’s election, where Queenslanders had their say, the Premier and Deputy Premier still have a tin ear to their own voters.

“They refuse to hear the concerns of people wanting them to back the Queensland mining industry, back regional communities, and stop shifting the goal posts.

Adani Mining chief executive Lucas Dow.

“When there is an opportunity like the Carmichael Project ready to deliver thousands of jobs today in a manner that is both commercially and environmentally responsible, people cannot fathom why the Queensland Labor Government refuses to get behind the Carmichael Project.”

The weekend’s election results showed Queenslanders had no tolerance for political actions that were unjust and put people’s livelihoods at risk,” Mr Dow said.

“Queensland’s coal miners are the best in the world at what they do, and they work tirelessly to deliver sustainable environmental and economic outcomes,” he said.

“No matter where we are speaking to people in Queensland, the consistent concern is for the future of their jobs, the mining industry and what that will mean for their families.

“It’s time for the Queensland Labor Government to stop shifting the goal posts and let us get on with delivering these jobs for regional Queenslanders. It is time to get the Carmichael Project done.”

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