Oct 22, 2019

Port deconstruction project on film

Port deconstruction project on film

Xtreme Engineering is carrying out deconstruction works of Auckland Point shiploaders 1 and 2, and associated conveyor systems, at the Port Of Gladstone.

Their work has been captured in time-lapse footage by Aerial Media Gladstone. (View below)

Gladstone Ports Corporation says the $2 million project will complement the construction of the East Shores 1B Precinct and help facilitate the region’s growing cruise tourism industry.

Acting chief executive officer Craig Walker said Gladstone was Australia’s premier multi-commodity port and it was on the verge of unprecedented opportunity.

The deconstruction works are expected to reach completion by March 2020.

GPC is also carrying out extension works on the mooring at Auckland Point berth four to allow access for larger vessels.