Jun 11, 2019

Phosphate hopeful welcomes rail subsidy

Phosphate hopeful welcomes rail subsidy Centrex chief executive officer Simon Slesarewich at Port of Townsville for the rail subsidy announcementhis week.

A rail access subsidy pledged in the State Budget would reduce the single largest operating cost for the planned Ardmore phosphate rock project, says proponent Centrex Metals.

“The company congratulates the Queensland Government on identifying and moving forward with initiatives that will assist new developments in the North West Minerals Province, where Ardmore is located,” chief executive officer Simon Slesarewich said.

“We look forward to assisting government with the implementation of the rail subsidy, which is likely to have a material impact on Ardmore’s single largest operational cost – rail and port.”

The State Government has announced plans to provide $80 million over four years to reduce rail access charges on the Mount Isa Line and it will contribute towards a new $48 million common user rail freight terminal at the Port of Townsville,

It is also investing $380 million over five years to maintain and improve the Mount Isa Line – a key export and supply link for the North West’s mining industry.

Site works have commenced at the Ardmore site in preparation for the expected arrival of a start-up plant in the week beginning June 24.

These works include earthworks and concrete foundation work for the erection of the start-up plant.

The company is also establishing water bores, roads and a site office.

Centrex said it was using a variety of local contractors from the Mount Isa region.

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