Jul 10, 2020

Paluma Dam capacity upgrade underway

Paluma Dam capacity upgrade underway

A crane is at work at Paluma Dam outside Townsville as TEi Services carries out an upgrade to increase its capacity by the equivalent of about 2600 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Townsville Deputy Mayor and Infrastructure Services Committee Chair Mark Molachino said the council was investing $750,000 to maintain and strengthen the dam.

“Local contractor TEi Services is overseeing a great project which will increase the dam’s capacity by around 6,600 megalitres,” Cr Molachino said.

“They are installing 25 large steel flashboards to boost the dam’s capacity from 11,400 megalitres to almost 18,000 megalitres.”

Each flashboard weighs more than 350kg and a crane is lifting them into place to increase the height of the 60m spillway by 150mm.

Local councillor Margie Ryder said the contractors were making great progress at the dam.

“It’s been a busy site, workers have drilled anchor bars 3m into the hard rock to strengthen the concrete weir,” she said.

“Paluma Dam provides water to the northern beaches so this is a smart investment to supply the growing population in the area.”