Sep 10, 2018

Palmer proposes Galilee solution to power plight

Palmer proposes Galilee solution to power plight

Clive Palmer is heralding his proposal for a $1.54 billion power station in the Galilee Basin as a means of bringing energy costs down.

Mr Palmer is chairman of Waratah Coal, which holds extensive mining tenements within the Galilee Basin, including the approved Galilee Coal Project (Details here)

Mr Palmer said the 700MW low-emission ultra-supercritical power station would be established on the mining lease for the Galilee Coal Project, about 30km north of  Alpha.

“I am putting my money where my mouth is by announcing this new station so we can power Queensland and help bring down energy costs which continue to escalate,” Mr Palmer said.

“At full scale, the project will comprise two open-cut and four underground mines, as well as supporting infrastructure, and will produce 40 Mtpa of high quality thermal coal for export markets.

“The Galilee Power Station will be developed as a contingent component of the overall project, providing the power needs for the mine operations, coal transportation and port operations, ready for export coal to Gladstone and future power needs for our proposed North Galilee coal mine development.”

He said the company was seeking an amendment to their draft Environmental Authority to include a 700 MW power station and associated transmission lines, coal handling facilities, ash containment facility and water storage facility.

Mr Palmer said construction of the Galilee Power Station was planned to commence in June 2020 and to have a build period of three years for the first unit with the second unit being commissioned six months later.

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