Nov 15, 2017

NQ yields 38oz nugget for prospector

NQ yields 38oz nugget for prospector

A prospector has uncovered a 38oz gold nugget, worth more than $50,000, in the Charters Towers area using a Minelab GPX 5000 detector.

The find came just moments after he had uncovered a three-ounce nugget worth about $4000, according to a report from Minelab.

The larger nugget – weighing more than a kilogram (1,176gms) – was 15cm below the surface.

The joyous prospector has named his find the Arcus Nugget, inspired by a double rainbow he had seen in the lead-up to the find.

He’s now negotiating to sell the nugget privately.

Minelab dealer Peter Cragg from Gold City Detecting said he was amazed to see the nugget.

“It’s a fantastic story and goes to show that there are still big nuggets out there ready to be found if you have the right equipment and can spot the terrain. He found more than a kilo of gold in an area which has certainly had detectors go over it before. It makes you think what might still be out there,” he said.


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