Nov 29, 2019

No decision on Adani coal royalties agreement

No decision on Adani coal royalties agreement

A decision on the royalties agreement for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine has been delayed again.

A target date of November 30 was set after the parties failed to meet the September 30 cut-off which the Queensland Coordinator General announced midyear as part of a timeline for outstanding approvals for the project.

“We are continuing to work with the Queensland Government to finalise the royalties agreement,” an Adani Mining spokeswoman said .

“The Carmichael mine and rail project is well and truly underway and our progress is not dependent on the royalty agreement being in place.

“Both the Queensland Government and Adani have agreed to extend the period to conclude the negotiation of the royalty agreement. We are working with the Queensland Government to set a new target date for completion.

“We remain committed to concluding the royalty agreement and delivering the Carmichael Project for the benefit of Queenslanders.”

She said both parties had signed deeds of confidentiality around the terms of the agreement, so details remained commercial-in-confidence.

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