Dec 26, 2016

New Year outlook by CQ identity

New Year outlook by CQ identity

“Often in mining when prices rise people imagine this will always be the case.

Likewise when we see our industry take a hit, people expect the worst. The reality is our cycle times are lengthening, but it’s still a cycle. The economic rebalancing in China obviously impacted the coal industry in Queensland, commodity prices took longer to recover than anticipated, though we are holding well at the moment.
I see this continuing throughout 2017. Safety, security and mental health are all issues that go hand-in-hand with
I strongly believe that our success has always been because we safeguard the health of our staff.
As both Queensland’s largest secondary support specialist in underground mining and a Registered Training Organisation, we have continued to grow by being innovative, by looking to our industry and identifying areas
where there was a gap.
We recognise that the cycle will continue and have response strategies in place for when demand plummets.
As a business you have to be dynamic and innovative, but I believe coal will remain a critical component of the global energy mix for many years to come.”

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