Jul 22, 2019

New leader at METS Ignited

New leader at METS Ignited

METS Ignited has appointed Adrian Beer as its new chief executive officer as it helps the sector leverage opportunities presented by Industry 4.0.

METS Ignited chair Lyle Bruce described Mr Beer as a globally experienced executive with a broad range of industry skills spanning more than 20 years in the METS and mining sectors.

Adrian Beer.

Increasingly, METS Ignited’s programs have taken on a digital technology focus to equip Australian mining equipment, technology and services companies with the tools and skills they need to win more work and grow their businesses.

Mr Beer was previously Asia-Pacific regional leader for ABB Enterprise Software. 

He joined ABB to lead the Information Technology / Operational Technology integration strategy for mining.

Other positions have included Austmine alternate director and General Electric regional mining leader.

Mr Beer described it as an exciting time to be returning to the METS sector and said he was looking forward to being able to support the METS and mining sectors through the Industry Growth Centre.

“I am very impressed with what METS Ignited has already achieved and I am very excited by the opportunity to truly cement Australia’s position as a global hub for innovation in the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector,” he said.

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