Aug 28, 2017

Mount Morgan slag may feed cement plant

Mount Morgan slag may feed cement plant

Slag from the Mount Morgan gold site will be tested to see if it is suitable for cement manufacturing by Cement Australia in

Carbine Resources announced the trials today.

The company has acquired the historical Mount Morgan mine in central Queensland and plans to economically recover minerals remaining in the site’s No 2 Mill, Mundic, Red Oxide and Shepherds tailings dumps.

Carbine managing director Tony James said initial test work completed by Cement Australia indicated the slag at Mount Morgan was suitable in cement manufacturing.

“This has led to the company’s agreeing to a trial of 1000 tonnes to validate the test work,” he said.

“The site has over 6.5 million tonnes of slag, of which 2.9 million tonnes will be mined as waste sitting above the Red Oxide tailings – which will be mined and processed.

“Using the slag has the potential to reduce the waste mining costs associated with the higher grade Mundic and Red Oxide material.

“Using any of the waste products associated with the Mount Morgan Project for alternative uses certainly enhances the environmental cleanup vision underpinning the project.”

Carbine Resources completed a definitive feasibility study on the Mount Morgan Gold & Copper tailings retreatment project in 2016, pointing to 20-year, economically viable project with a short payback period of 2 years.

The new processing facility planned for the project will produce three separate products in gold, premium unroasted iron pyrite and copper sulphate.

Earlier this month Carbine Resources announced its had signed a binding offtake agreement for its pyrite production with Chinese trading company IKing International Limited (IKing).

GR Engineering Services and Carbine are undertaking the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) work for the project, which is awaiting Environmental Authority (EA) to proceed.

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