Aug 23, 2017

Morris tops class with its 3Bs

Morris tops class with its 3Bs AMMA chief executive officer Steve Knott presents the award to Morris Corporation chief executive Fiona Berkin.

3B or not 3B? The results speak for themselves.

The success of Morris Corporation’s ‘Be Friendly, Be Connected and Be Real’ program has earned national recognition with the Training and Development title at the 2017 AMMA Industry Awards.

What started out as the 3B customer service model has evolved to become a cultural transformation, according to Morris chief executive Fiona Berkin.

“It started about three years ago,” she said.

“The downturn in the resources sector made us realise we had to do something to differentiate ourselves in the market.

“We knew we had good customer service, but not great because it was not consistent, so we came up with the 3B model.

“Over the first 12 months we rolled a training program out to all our teams and it was picked up amazingly quickly and embraced by our employees.”

Ms Berkin subsequently attended a global marketing conference where it was suggested that if a business wasn’t hi-tech then it had better excel at humanity or it would not survive.

“A light went on for me and I thought we must embed 3B into our culture,” Ms Berkin said.

Once it was embedded, it would be second nature for employees to provide exemplary customer service – to both external and internal customers, she said.

Since the launch of the 3B Transformation Journey, staff turnover rates at Morris have been on a downward trend.

The initiative has included the creation of a feedback app, launch of enterprise social networking service Yammer within Morris and the sharing of 3B stories in the company’s internal newsletter.

Morris Corporation provides remote accommodation and associated services for operations including Fortescue in the Pilbara, BMA and BMC mine sites in the Bowen Basin, Rio Tinto’s Argyle and ERA operations, Origin-APLNG in the Surat Basin, Resolute at Ravenswood, and Evolution’s Mount Carlton mine.

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