Jul 24, 2020

More in the tank for growth thanks to $4.8m water job

More in the tank for growth thanks to $4.8m water job

Construction is well underway on a $4.8 million reservoir to provide greater water security for Hughenden.

North Queensland business Wulguru Steel won the contract to construct the 4.3ML welded steel tank and began work in April.

Flinders Shire director of engineering Hari Boppudi said about 40 per cent of the work had been completed to date.

The project comes after Flinders Shire Council engaged GHD to complete water network analysis in 2017.

Mr Boppudi said the analysis identified that Hughenden’s peak water demand was 4.55ML/d for the current population, increasing to 5.65 ML/d for the projected population growth.

“The existing tank is only 1.7ML, and on peak times the tank is used at its optimum capacity,” he said.

“To meet the demand, all the water bores are operating 20 hours per day.”

Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said 60 per cent of the project ($2,867,700) had been funded by the Palaszczuk Government through the 2019-21 Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program.

“The LGGSP provides essential support for water projects, including infrastructure and improving security,” he said.

“This reservoir will help allay fears should there be a shortfall in supply if bores fail or if there’s a problem with the existing tank.”

The new reservoir, located in the council depot, is due for completion in November.

“The new reservoir will increase Hughenden’s water storage capacity to comply with DEWS guideline requirements, along with sufficient capacity to cater for the current population and future growth,” Mr Boppudi said.

“The new reservoir will also provide an option for council to decommission one reservoir for maintenance or for any other reason, but still provide uninterrupted water supply to community in that situation.

“Business and industry attraction has been on the council’s agenda for several years. The new reservoir will provide confidence to the industry and the council.

“I would say council is well prepared for new industries and to meet the future demand.”