Sep 19, 2017

Monument dedicated to those lost in mining accidents

Monument dedicated to those lost in mining accidents

Workers who lost their lives in mining and quarrying accidents and disasters have been remembered with the unveiling of a dedicated monument at Redbank, Ipswich, during Queensland’s annual Miners Memorial Day Service.

Every year on September 19 a service is held to mark the anniversary of the state’s worst mining disaster at Mount Mulligan, at which 75 miners lost their lives.

“It is very fitting that the permanent State Miners Memorial Monument is located here in Redbank, Ipswich given its historical significance for coal mining in Queensland,” Natural Resources and Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said.

“As the eucalyptus saplings and revegetation plantings grow and the park matures, the State Miners Memorial Monument will be a special place for many people wanting to pay their respects or remember a family member, friend or colleague.

“This monument has been designed as a public space where the community can visit to reflect on the sacrifices made by mine workers over many decades to power our great state.

“While the safety record of Queensland mines has improved exponentially since the 1880s, unfortunately fatalities are not a thing of the past and today we pause to reflect on the lessons learnt from each and every fatal incident and disaster.

“Every worker has the right to go to work expecting to go home safely to their family at the end of their shift and for this reason we are continuously working to improve safety and health in Queensland mines.”


About the State Miners Memorial Monument:

  • The circular open-air monument is about 30m in diameter
  • It has been designed to encourage visitors to enjoy the parkland features and reflect, with the monument made from sandstone blocks which hold the name plaques for all miners killed in mining accidents and disasters in Queensland since 1877.
  • The monument includes an installation featuring a core sample centre as a symbol of the six elements of mining in Queensland.
  • The monument was designed by prominent Queensland artist Scott Maxwell after an extensive commissioning process and has been delivered with the support of State and local Governments and community groups.
  • It is located adjacent to the Redbank Collingwood Park Sports Complex on Smiths Road, Redbank.

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