Jan 12, 2018

Minerals body brings out the drones in new campaign

Minerals body brings out the drones in new campaign

Innovation including the use of drone technology is the focus of a new Australian minerals industry ad.

Minerals Council of Australia interim chief executive David Byers said innovation was central to maintaining Australia’s comparative advantage in mining and helped drive high-value, high-wage jobs in a range of scientific and highly-skilled professional occupations.

Drones are important to the minerals sector’s environmental, cultural heritage, safety and productivity performance including:

  • conducting site environmental surveys and monitoring impacts on wildlife such as turtle nesting sites
  • improving road safety by monitoring traffic, road conditions and hazards and inspecting overhead cranes, towers and roofs of tall buildings to avoid working at height
  • making it faster to gather more information about mine sites, saving millions of dollars when compared with using planes for survey work
  • mapping and digitally recording areas of Indigenous cultural heritage.

“The Making the Future Possible campaign – which is fact-based and non-political in tone and content – outlines how the Australian minerals industry provides jobs, raises living standards and builds future opportunities for young Australians,” Mr Byers said.

Minerals Council of Australia interim chief executive David Byers.

“The campaign also emphasises that the minerals industry is a major contributor to and driver of innovation in the Australian economy.

“Future opportunities and growth make the Australian minerals sector an exciting place to forge a career in technology and innovation.”


The ad was filmed at Rio Tinto locations including their Perth head office and Remote Operations Centre and the Mesa A site near Karratha.

It will air nationally from this Sunday, January 14.

For a sneak peek click here

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